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Jack Pratt
One of America's Premier Inspirational Speakers

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Motivational & Keynote Speaker combining real world business management and leadership experiences, and the desire to help develop others, with speaking, training, consulting, and teaching in many different industries around the globe.

Jack Pratt delivers guaranteed high impact private, inspirational, customized and standard in-house training seminars tailored to fit the clients specific needs that require various specialized training.

Speaker, Jack Pratt, using stories from his own life, leadership and business experiences,  brings the qualities of leadership and management to life with ease of learning, implementation and fun

Jack Pratt's speeches and workshops are completely different. He specializes in simple, fast, specific, easy to use solutions for complex problems, whatever the topic as verified by rave reviews from all over the globe.

Introducing Jack Pratt

Our speaker today is a former United States Army Vietnam Veteran. As a survival expert, he has inspired others with leadership and how to withstand adverse conditions. All of which helped prepare him for battles in his personal, professional and political lives.

His professional career has included executive leadership positions in the Health Care, Aviation, Food and Beverage, Publishing, Energy, Financial and Consulting Industries. He was recognized as outstanding municipal elected official of the year in 2015.

Please join me in welcoming . . .

Just a plain ol’ Texas Boy ........Mayor Jack Pratt