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Jack Pratt
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Motivational & Keynote Speaker combining real world business management and leadership experiences, and the desire to help develop others, with speaking, training, consulting, and teaching in many different industries around the globe.

Jack Pratt delivers guaranteed high impact private, inspirational, customized and standard in-house training seminars tailored to fit the clients specific needs that require various specialized training.

Speaker, Jack Pratt, using stories from his own life, leadership and business experiences,  brings the qualities of leadership and management to life with ease of learning, implementation and fun

Jack Pratt's speeches and workshops are completely different. He specializes in simple, fast, specific, easy to use solutions for complex problems, whatever the topic as verified by rave reviews from all over the globe.


JACK PRATT’s life can be described as "a series of successes and unexpected turns." One can see that he's a man not prone to "beating around the bush". He is a Texas native and a Vietnam Veteran while serving in the United States Army. After his last tour of service in Vietnam, he turned to management earning his MBA. He has had stints of executive leadership positions in the Health Care, Aero Space, Food & Beverage, Publishing, Energy and Financial industries prior to moving into Management Consulting where he successfully guided organizations through many successful challenges.

Mr. Pratt is President and Chief Executive Officer of Summit Advisors, a diversified international management consulting firm providing services to domestic and international clientele. Mr. Pratt is an experienced Management Professional who has captured the human side of Management and has been a personal coach to many of America's senior executives. For over 20 years, he has successfully assisted businesses and individuals, both nationally and internationally, from small to fortune 100 companies, and a variety of industries including aerospace, bio tech, chemical, communications, computer, energy, engineering, financial, food & beverage, manufacturing, medical care, pharmaceutical, publishing, real estate, services, transportation, utilities, and government.

Mr. Pratt has served on the Board of Directors of several companies and is listed Who’s Who? He has extensive practical experience as a problem solver for organization and leadership development, team building, total quality services, and management training. He speaks extensively on matters relating to management, leadership, change, finance, the economy, the future and globalization. He has been a keynote speaker at many national conventions, in house corporate training programs, business conferences, various seminars and was also a consultant to the American Management Association (AMA).

Now, through his speaking, writing, coaching, and dynamic workshops, he has made it his life’s mission to work with others to help them remove their self-imposed leadership barriers, get more from life, and fully maximize their leadership and/or management potential.

Mr. Pratt is past president of a Chapter of the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) and past chairman of the Southwest Management Conference. In addition, he has served on various committees at the national level, particularly in employee and labor relations, working with Congress on such matters. His current and past civic activities include the President of the Rotary Club of Houston, Greater Houston Partnership (Member Services Advisory Committee), City Mayor, United Way and Leukemia Society. Mr. Pratt is also Chairman of the Drug Free Youth in Texas Program (D-FY-IT).

He has the hands on practical business experience of working with and managing at all the various managerial levels within an organization, focusing on results, creating enthusiasm and managing change along the way. While Mr. Pratt believes in the principles of hard work, honesty, loyalty and dedication, he is also aware that the client wants to be associated with a firm that not only has credibility, but expertise, specialization, and track record.)